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 We were so delighted to be able to get back to our weekly assemblies in St Patrick's.

It is very important for us to acknowledge all the effort the boys and girls are putting every week and we love celebrating together.

Our Junior Assembly is for the children from Junior Infants to Second class. Our Senior Assembly is for the children from Third Class to Sixth Class.

We usually start with our prayer, then a song, then any announcements that need to be made. 

After this the class teachers get to tell us all about their Réaltaí (stars). As we can not meet in the halla our assembly takes place on zoom. When the teacher announce the Réalt na Seachtaine (Star of the week) they come up and give us all a wave on the camera. They keep the trophy on their place for the week and bring home the cert. They also get their picture taken for the 'Wall of Fame' outside my office.

During assembly Mrs Doherty has the job of running around to deliver the trophy to the winners of the Yard Trophy. These trophies are for the classes who do the best job of lining up after each break. She adds up the total every Thursday evening and then she delivers the trophy to the winning class on Friday - she always tries to sneak up to make it a surprise!

It is my favourite time of the week and it is great to be able to see all the boys and girls together (virtually)

Ms Slacke

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