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We all took part in a 'Christmas Window' Display

 What is a Christmas window display?

In cities around the world, big department stores and shops create clever, colourful, Christmassy, window displays to bring customers into their shops! They have lots of sparkle and Christmas magic!

How did we get ready?

  • Created Images in our mind about your favourite moments at Christmas time
  • Came up with original ideas – from OUR class!
  • Took a vote on the best idea
  • Thought about all the different materials we could use
  • Created a freeze frame of our favourite scene

What the judges were looking for? 

  • That we included signs that tell others about our design.
  • Took photographs of our class creating our display and displayed them around our work.
  • Came up with a clever BIG title for our work.
  • Included a sign to tell the judges which class we are a part of.
  • Used our imagination to make a clever, colourful and Christmassy display.


Click on the class level to have a look at the entries and the winners are displayed below

Junior/ Senior Infants - Ms Cowley/ Ms NicÁmhlaí's Class

First/ Second Class - Ms Keary's Class

Third/ Fourth Class - Ms Keane's Class

Fifth/Sixth Class -Mr King's Class

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