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Ms Griffin held a photography competition at the start of the 2021.

 What was involved in the competition?

This was open to all classes to enter.

What the judges were looking for? 

1. Originality - make them say "Wow, I wouldn't have thought of that" or "I never saw a photograph like that";

2. Aesthetics - it needs to look good! Think of colour, light and shade, patterns, shapes etc.

3. Caption / Title. Write something snappy that summarises what you've captured in your photograph.

 The winning entries

The winner of the photography competition is LENNON NEVILLE, in Ms Fox’s 6th class. In Lennon’s photograph, taken on a frosty winter’s morning, he made stunning use of a foreground in sharp focus, set in contrast to a blurred background. Lennon’s was also the only photo submitted that had the word ‘Stamullen’ in it, which was a lovely touch.

Three pupils to whom additional prizes have been awarded are Kai O'Farrell and Lucia Ward, both in Ms Sullivan’s 5th class, and Seán Butler, in Ms Whyte’s 5th class. There were several entries very similar to Kai’s, showing the beautiful crispness of winter’s mornings, but Kai clearly put an awful lot of thought and effort into getting the angle of the shot just right. Lucia, as you can see, snapped a moment of action with gorgeous use of light and shade. Seán took a unique and playful photograph, full of lines, angles and shadows, with a boat propped as if saying “I might be a bit rusty but I’m ready to go again!

Well done to all who entered.

Thanks to Ms Griffin for all her hard work to organise this competition.

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