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Mr O'Neill organised the first 'The Great St Patrick's Bake Off' 


What was involved in the competition?

This was open to all classes to enter.

What the judges were looking for? 

1. Your entry had to have a Valentines theme, so people had to think of the colours, designs and messages that are associated with Valentine’s Day, that could be used.

2. Your entry had to look good, because naturally we couldn’t taste them. So people had to try and make them look original and appealing to the eye!

3. You had to include a brief description of your entry. Here people had to described it as best as the could -  talking about the flavours, texture and taste etc

The winning entries

Category A: Junior infants to First class

1st place: Grace Hudson from Ms. McEvoy's 1st class who baked a heart-shaped chocolate cake with a cookie and cream filling covered in red fondant icing with white fondant hearts to decorate.

2nd place: Olivia Elze Burneika from Ms. Cowley's Senior Infants who baked a red velvet cake with mascarpone cream, white chocolate, and raspberries

3rd place: Matthew Keenaghan from Ms. Leggett's Junior Infants who made a chocolate biscuit cake, with digestive and polo biscuits, mini marshmallows, crispy m&m's, Maltesers bites, and smarties. Topped with mini smarties, love-shaped marshmallows coloured with red food colouring and some dolly mixtures.

Category B: Second Class – Fourth Class

1st place: Teigan Merriman from Ms. Garry's 2nd class who baked a heart-shaped vanilla sponge, filled with buttercream and decorated with chocolate fingers with M&Ms to decorate and make an overflowing fountain of love hearts.

2nd place: Etain Collins from Ms. Keary's 2nd class who baked up a fantastic vanilla sponge with strawberry and buttercream filling, decorated with fondant icing and a 3D love heart.

3rd place: Corey Riglar from Ms. Levins 3rd class who made a strawberry love heart cheesecake using a recycled strawberry container to shape the heart.

Category C: Fifth Class – Sixth Class

1st place: Anna Watters from Ms. Fox's 6th class. Anna created a stunning heart-shaped cake, covered in chocolate icing and finished with chocolate fingers and a chocolate rose on top

2nd place: Amélie Brearley from Mr. O'Neill's 5th class who made a vanilla sponge cake with buttercream and fondant icing, decorated with red and pink roses with some hearts to complete the valentines look.

3rd place: Shauna Martin from Ms. Riordan's 6th class who made a "light & moist red velvet sponge filled with pink vanilla buttercream covered with pink iced fondant & topped with chocolate strawberries".

Thanks to Mr O’Neill for all his hard work to organise this competition and to the Parent's Association for sponsoring the prizes

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