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Uniform Policy

An important part of education is learning to present oneself properly. Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance, which must be appropriate at all times.

Full uniform should be worn at all times. This also applies while travelling to and from school and when representing the school. Pupils must wear the school tracksuit on their P.E. day or if they are involved in sporting activities during the day. Children will be informed when going on school tour if they will wear a uniform or school tracksuit.

Boys: grey trousers, light blue shirt, navy tie, navy jumper, navy socks, black shoes.

Girls: grey skirt/pinafore/trousers, light blue blouse, navy tie, navy jumper/cardigan, navy/white socks/tights, black shoes.

Infant classesshoes/runners with velcro is strongly recommended.


St Patrick’s N.S. tracksuit is available at:
            O’Farrell School & Sportswear, Swords, Co.Dublin
            Tel: 01-8139714 

School tracksuit is to be worn with white polo-shirt.


Make up and nail varnish may not be worn and hairstyles must be neat and tidy.
Please have your child’s name on all property including

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