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 Science Fair 2017

On Friday, November 24th, the Student Council organised a Science Fair, to mark the end of Science Week.

Please follow this link to see a selection of photos from the fair:

 We had an entry from most class groups and it was a great learning experience for all classes, especially younger classes.

Here are a list of the entries for the science fair: 

Ms Keane’s 5th – How can we slow down falling parachutes?

Mr King’s 6th – What shape of airplane will fly furthest?

Ms Martin’s 4th – How can we make a high tower from 7 pieces of paper?

Mr Pyne’s 5th – How strong is spaghetti?

Mr Ó Gráinne’s 1st What kind of birds can we attract to our window?

Ms Condren’s 3rd – Can we identify substances by their smell?

Mrs O’Sullivan’s 1st – Can we re-create a solar eclipse?

Mrs McEvoy’s Junior Infants - What materials are transparent, which are translucent and which are opaque?

 Ms Griffin’s 6th - What material/size /shape of airplane will fly furthest?

Ms Fox’s 4th – What happens when you mix an acid and a base?

Ms McKenna’s 3rd –How can we measure the amount of rainfall  

in our environment?

Ms Delahunt’s 5th  – What happens when we drop two objects of different weights, at the same time? What is the effect of changing the objects’ surface area?

Ms McGovern’s 6th- What is the most effective coin cleaner?

Ms Convey's 3rd – What makes our raisins dance?


Please follow this link to see a selection of photos from the fair:

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