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April 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

For the last few years the scheme has been available to all pupils in the school.

There was a great uptake and, in total, we supplied books and stationary to approximately 98% of pupils in the school last year.

Following on from last year you will receive all the textbooks, workbooks, copy books and stationery that are required on the book list as you are used to.  We will continue to include the Classroom Resources and Art contribution in the book rental scheme.  The scheme also includes online reading and Irish programs for classes where these schemes are on the book list.  If you don't sign up for the book rental scheme you will have to pay the school for these programs in addition to the books that are on this year’s list.  The scheme provides significant savings, as well as the convenience of having it all done for you before your child starts holidays in June 2018.

The total cost of the scheme this year will be €100 per student (Junior Infants will have to pay a stationery subsidy to the teacher).  Again this year there is also a non-refundable portion of the fee. Once you sign up for the scheme we start to buy and prepare books for you, therefore €20 of the fee is non-refundable.

This year we are using the easy payment online for payment, so we will not be collecting money in the school.  You will be able to make payment from Monday 16th April .

If you want your child to receive their books before the end of school year you will need to pay a minimum deposit of €20 for the book rental scheme by Friday May 11th.  Any remaining  balance will need to be paid through easy payments before your child receives his/her books.

If you have not paid a deposit by May 11th then books will not be ready for collection until the end of August. The last few years we have been willing to continue adding people to the rental scheme right up to when school starts in September.  We are still willing to do this, but it does add extra pressure on us to try and facilitate late comers in late May and June.  We will have your books available in August, the week prior to school restarting. 

We would like to thank Mr. Barrett and the Board of Management for their continued support and funding provided towards the setup and maintenance of the scheme. This commitment will allow us to offer even greater savings to parents in the future.

Next week we hope to have the Terms and Conditions of the scheme finalized.  Once that is done we will get it set up on easy payment and you will be notified that it is available.

If you have any questions about this scheme please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Best regards,

The Book Rental Committee

St. Patrick’s National School

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