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On January 31st, Mr Pyne's 5th class hosted the first assembly held by senior classes.

Our new Assistant Principal, Ms Riordan, introduced this new initiative. Mr Pyne's pupils used the opportunity to educate their fellow pupils about Australia, as it was held five days after Australia Day. The children displayed artwork, performed a short drama and sang, as part of their presentation. It was a very enjoyable and informative assembly.

During March Ms Delahunt's class informed their fellow students about Chinese New Year. They did an excellent job of explaining the different traditional activities  associated with it . They displayed art work and sang as part of their presentation.

On March 21st, Ms Griffin's 6th class pupils utilised their turn at hosting a senior assembly, to inform their fellow pupils and the teachers about their project on the UN's Global Goals. You can read more about their work and view photographs on the 6th class blog: Rang a Sé 2017-'18, St Patrick's NS | "Today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one in life that is 'you-er' than you!" – Dr Seuss

 Pupils of Ms Keane's 5th class hosted the fourth assembly organised by senior classes since January, on Wednesday, April 25th. Theire theme was the Solar System. They taught attendees many facts about the planets, stars, asteroids and moons. They performed a very funky Space Song to conclude their assembly. 

Click here to see a selection of photographs from the Assemblies


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